Hotswap MBP 0-2KVA - 1x 10A IEC Input, 6x 10A IEC Output

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10A Single-Phase Hot-Swap PDU with Manual Bypass - 6x 10A C13 Outlets, 2x 10A C14 Inlets (1x Mains, 1x UPS), 1U Rack/Wall mount.
Tripp Lite by Eaton.


Bypass PDU Recommended for Maintaining Continuous Power During UPS Maintenance
Keeping mission-critical data center equipment operating at its optimal level often means scheduled
maintenance. But what if you are unable to afford the costly downtime involved in powering down for regular upkeep? This 10A single-phase hot-swap PDU works in conjunction with your 0-2KVA UPS to keep everything running 24/7/365. It allows you to manually transfer connected equipment to mains power via the PDU’s bypass switch, permitting maintenance or equipment replacement with no interruption to the connected equipment.

Features Dual Inputs and a Manual Transfer Switch for Uninterrupted Operation
The PDUBHV101U features two C14 inlets that connect to separate UPS and mains input power sources with user-supplied power cables or the included C13-to-C14 cables. The manual transfer switch allows PDU output power to flow from either input. Flip the switch to Bypass to replace the UPS and flip back to Normal once the maintenance or UPS replacement is complete. Equipment connected to the six C13 outlets will continue to operate without interruption.

Optional ECO Switching Feature Enables Cost-Cutting Power Savings
By enabling the ECO power saving feature, you can power off a single bank of five controlled C13 outlets all at once when the device connected to the master C13 outlet is powered off or goes into a low-power consumption mode.

Mounts into 1U of Rack Space or on a Wall
Use the included mounting hardware to install the PDUBHV101U’s all-metal housing into 1U of space in a standard 19-inch rack. You may also use the mounting brackets to secure the PDU to a wall.


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