EXO IP55 Outdoor Enclosure


The Eaton ExoCab outdoor cabinet belongs to a range of versatile, cost effective outdoor cabinets for a wide range of electronics applications.
The ExoCab can be configured for DC power, UPS, battery, or any other outdoor installation requiring robust protection for electronics equipment.
Front and rear doors are provided for ease of access. Cooling options include unvented, fresh air cooled, heat exchanged and air conditioned

The ExoCab includes a 200mm mounting plinth and lifting eyes It is constructed from marinegrade aluminium and stainless steel for long life in harsh environments.

- UPS, DC power, battery and other equipment options
- 18/26/34U of equipment space depending on model
- Sealed, fresh air, heat exchanger and air conditioned options.
- Cost effective
- High level of protection from the environment
- Durable aluminium exterior and stainless steel internal parts.
- Three-point locking.
- Lock to customer requirements, including triangle key, lock barrels
compatible with other Eaton cabinets, etc.
- Anti-graffiti finish