Your UPS system is your first line of defence against power variations—spikes, brown outs and black outs. As New Zealand’s leading UPS providers, our electrically registered UPS engineers are available on a 24/7 basis.

Because your critical business activities and thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and data is depending on a clean power supply, you can’t afford to wait for problems to arise in your UPS system before taking action: preventive maintenance is critical to uptime and to protecting sensitive electronics.

As many as two-thirds of downtime events are preventable, with insufficient maintenance being one of the main causes. An effective preventative maintenance strategy can be the most cost effective measure you can take to ensure UPS reliability and performance, while notably deterring downtime.

With the option of either business hours or after-hours inspections, preventative maintenance can be done at a time that suits your operation.

Our maintenance inspections involve systematic inspections, testing and cleaning by trained UPS specialists. Detecting and repairing problems before they evolve into significant and costly issues.

A report on the current condition of the equipment is issued, along with any recommendations. Any corrective or remedial action will be taken after consultation with you.

Our objective is to provide regular proactive maintenance throughout the entire economical life of your UPS hardware, maximising both the service life and your return on investment. Your power truly is in the safest hands.

UPS Power Solutions employs the most capable UPS engineers and specify the world’s leading UPS products to guarantee a reliable and clean supply of power to your critical infrastructure.