Data makes the world go ‘round

Date: 05-Sep-2019

There are few things more vital to a business today than the security and accessibility of data. The advent of the cloud has increased the complexity of managing data infrastructure on a global scale. Data centre facilities have emerged in their thousands to accommodate the new global marketplace, making data and connectivity policy considerations more crucial than ever.

The primary deliverables of a data centre are fast connectivity and maximum uptime. Providing these requires the consistent provision of three key ingredients – power, cooling and security. One data centre in the heart of Queen Street, Auckland set out to lead the way in 2007 and hasn’t looked back.

The most connected datacentre in the country

Carrier-neutral facility, DataCentre220 was founded by Dr Martin Spencer in 2007 with the aim of becoming the “most connected data centre in the country,” says Tania Hamlin, Data Centre Manager of DataCentre220.

“We knew that delivering the most connected data centre in New Zealand was not just an ambitious target but also a constantly moving and evolving one. We provide a facility that our customers can rely on to be well-managed, technically competent and reasonably priced. Our dedication to the security and protection of our customers’ assets is unmatched in New Zealand,” says Hamlin.

Best-In-Class Hardware

Ensuring high connectivity and uninterrupted power availability to DataCentre220’s standards requires hardware of the highest quality. In 2017 DataCentre220’s second data centre space in their building was opened, housing 64 APC racks along with four different variations of power distribution units (PDUs) from APC by Schneider Electric.

“The PDUs are designed to work seamlessly with the APC racks and deliver 32 amps to each of them. The simple to use set-up allows us to provide our customers with efficient turnaround time from inquiry to move in date and the versatility to install their equipment however they wish,” says Hamlin.

Underpinning the state-of the art racking, security and cooling systems are nine 80 KVA Eaton 93PM and Eaton 9390 uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) that can accommodate the total power draw of the facility in the event of a power outage or interruption. The UPSs are supported by CSB High Rate batteries, renowned for longevity and industry-leading ability to hold charge along with the latest battery monitoring from PowerShield, providing real-time insight into the state and condition of the batteries.

“The UPSs provide clean uninterrupted power to our customers until our generators come on. This means no customer will ever lose connectivity or encounter any risk to their services,” says Hamlin.

Perfect Partnership

The equipment critical to sustaining DataCentre220’s services is supplied by UPS specialists, UPS Power Solutions. Hamlin says that partnering with UPS Power Solutions provides DataCentre220 with access to extensive local stock and unmatched expertise in back-up power solutions.

“Our services are only as good as the infrastructure that guarantees them. We partner with UPS Power Solutions because they add considerable value to already excellent products. We rely on them for expertise and guidance in our hardware approach and to conduct quarterly servicing and maintenance on the UPSs that are so vital to our customers’ confidence in the facility,” she says.

End-to-end service

As well as servicing and the provision of 24/7 support, UPS Power Solutions also represent APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton, CSB Batteries and PowerShield in the marketplace. This not only provides access to all necessary stock for DataCentre220 but also means expert support and extensive knowledge of their systems and processes.

Liz Hatton, Strategic Account Manager for UPS Power Solutions says that DataCentre220 is the country’s most connected data centre for a very good reason.

“Dr Martin Spencer created New Zealand’s leading carrier-neutral data centre because he wanted to offer the very best in connectivity at accessible pricing and most importantly keep it locally owned and managed. This parallels perfectly with our philosophy of delivering best-in-class products supported by industry leading engineering expertise from a reliable, locally owned and operated company you can trust and rely on,

“DataCentre220 has deployed Eaton 93PM and 9390 UPS equipment, supported by CSB batteries, which are monitored by PowerShield battery monitoring software. The power is distributed via APC PDUs to client servers housed in APC racks and everything is serviced and maintained by our engineers. We know the equipment and the design intimately and it’s perfectly tailored to DataCentre220’s requirements,” she says.