When an emerging technology is introduced to the marketplace, it can be disruptive and take time for its true value and most suitable application to become apparent.

The advent of cloud-based storage and access for our data is an excellent example of a real opportunity that uncovered several hurdles and challenges for the business community.

The idea, in principle, continues to be very appealing. ‘Store and access your data anywhere from any device’ has quickly become the norm where our personal online activity is concerned.

But moving to the cloud is more complicated for organisations that require enormous amounts of storage capacity, enhanced data analysis and accessibility assurance, immediate data transfer with no latency and specific conditions of data security based on recognised standards and laws.

A company that quickly recognised the importance of maintaining its premium offering of secure, fast and versatile connectivity was “New Zealand’s most connected data centre,” DataCentre220 located in Auckland’s Queen Street.

Navigating change

“The cloud changed things and it became quickly apparent that it wouldn’t be the right solution for everyone, especially those who required robust security and a consistent and reliable pricing structure,” says DataCentre220’s general manager, Nick Leishman.

He and his team have continued to see increased demand for secure hosted data services as the emergence of enterprise-level cloud storage prompted many organisations to reevaluate their data strategies.

“We increased our footprint and our capacity by nearly 40% with 100 new APC by Schneider Electric racks, supported by four new APC Galaxy VS 100 KVA UPS systems configured as 2N redundancy,” he says.

Where change is caused by emerging new technology, the solution also requires the latest equipment and expertise. DataCentre220’s was able to call upon the partner that has looked after its power quality equipment and uptime assurance since 2009 – UPS Power Solutions (UPSPS)

“Our business is about delivering connectivity and uptime – we guarantee it and need a partner who does too,” says Leishman.

New technology in reliable hands

The UPSPS engineering team specified APC Galaxy VS UPSs supported by Samsung Lithium-Ion battery technology to ensure operational continuity for all of DataCentre220’s customers.

PowerShield battery monitoring software is in place to deliver extra visibility and assurance to customers and site management.

UPSPS Senior Sales Engineer, Sam Lingman says that the Galaxy VS combined with the Lithium-Ion batteries deliver several application specific advantages such as longer service life, less overall weight, a smaller footprint and crucially for DataCentre220 and its customers: much lower operating temperatures.

“Every power quality solution we design and install is tailored to each unique application. In this instance cooling and temperature management followed by a reduced but versatile footprint were priorities alongside continuous uptime,” he says.

Representing world-leading brands like Eaton, APC by Schneider Electric, PowerShield and CSB batteries, has factory trained expertise and parts to provide DataCentre220 24/7 technical support for both their Eaton and APC UPS and battery systems.

“Our UPS engineers conduct regular servicing and maintenance on the UPS systems that are so crucial to customer confidence and lowering total cost of ownership,” he says.

Future Focus

A long-term competitive advantage for DataCentre220 is its location in the heart of Queen Street which is connected to Auckland’s four primary data entry points.

“The location for our data centre was chosen in 2007 because it provided access to the four major fibre routes in Auckland CBD with multiple points of entry. This provides unmatched connectivity redundancy should one or more of the paths be compromised. There is enough capacity to ensure every customer remains connected and with the support of UPS Power Solutions, we treat our power the same way,” says Nick Leishman.

Regardless of where technology takes us in the future, DataCentre220’s latest expansion goes a long way to ensuring that New Zealand’s business community can enjoy assured access to an expertly maintained facility providing data storage, security and uninterrupted uptime.


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