UPS Power Solution’s competency based, engineering career path is designed to raise our technical staff’s capability and expertise for the benefit of our customers.

We continue to see the programme deliver, with frequent engineering promotions and consistent upskilling of our technical team.

We’re thrilled to have industry-leading engineers based throughout New Zealand at our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch locations.

The team is lead by, Engineering Manager, James Clarke who has progressed through all levels of UPS expertise after more than 10 years with the company.

The Engineering Pathway provides a framework for the development of our UPS engineers and includes external and internal training and mentoring.

The regular promotions and talent retained within our team highlights their ongoing experience and training in the power quality field, their advanced engineering capabilities and the rewarding and valued work environment we strive to provide.

James Clark says “Our engineers consistently demonstrate their advanced product knowledge and technical design expertise. This contributes towards the successful outcomes of projects being delivered. All our engineers play an integral part in the development of wider engineering team.”

“Through our proven professional feedback model and continuous upskilling of technical ability, we ensure a considered approach delivers results in every job regardless of scale. The company’s wealth of experience is key in how we train all engineers and support our sales team in providing the right technical advice. Our engineering pathway has been proven time and time again and customer satisfaction is a welcome validation of this.”

The continued development of our engineering team ensures that our customers continue to have access to New Zealand’s leading UPS engineers.

Click below to hear James talk about his own journey: