Date: 23-May-2022

Eaton 5PX Gen 2

Eaton 5PX Gen 2

The Eaton 5PX Gen 2 range provides exceptional efficiency, manageability, and energy metering capabilities for IT managers.

With an optimised electrical design, the 5PX Gen 2 is Energy Star 2.0 certified and delivers best-in-class efficiency, reducing cooling and utility costs. Improved energy consumption monitoring provides insight, right down to the managed outlet groups and the innovative graphical LCD display delivers more control over configuration and commissioning.

The 5PX Gen 2 significantly extends battery service life with ABM technology and provides a high-quality output waveform for any sensitive equipment connected, such as active PFC (power factor corrected) servers.

Eaton’s 5PX Gen 2 delivers premier efficient & manageable protection for high-end IT applications and is ideal for protecting servers, switches, routers and storage devices. It comes in a rack/tower convertible cabinet - pedestal and rail kits are included with all models at no extra charge.

Power Rating

1500-3000 VA

Form Factor



USB/RS232 and 1 communication slot for either Network-M2 or RELAY-MS


3 years (2 for battery)